Dive Into $illy Gusti’s And Ayew Lee’s Latest Collaboration “Dun Dolo Dun”

$illy Gustia and Ayew Lee have created an Afro-pop track titled “Dun Dolo Dun.” The single is infused with Hip-Hop hints and beats that take you straight to the dancefloor.

The single is accompanied by a visualizer that depicts $illy Gusti jumping into the ocean. Makes you want to wish you were in those waters right now. Press play to taste to savor the nuances that the lyrics will offer. The looping can be endless, but the music will tell you a lot.

Italian $illy Gusti grew up in the world of American trap music. With lyrics in Italian, English, and twi (a Ghanaian dialect), coupled with the sounds of afrobeat and trap backgrounds, he is credited as the originator of afrobeat in Italy.

Ayew Lee can be found on Spotify | Youtube

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