Get To Know The Stunning EDM Couple Eflorem: In-Depth Interview

Eflorem delights audiences across the world with another awesome track called “Dreams”, a song that plays with the idea of not wanting to lose someone you love. “I don’t want you to leave, I don’t want you to go,” are the main lyrics which evoke the intended emotions paired with dreamy, almost nightmarish animated visuals.  The EDM act consists of Heather Worden and Dewey McManus, who, after meeting at college, started making music together, quickly finding their own unique lane of Hyper House. We’ve had the opportunity to interview the couple about their latest song and more. Enjoy the read!

Tell us about the concept of “Dreams” and how it came to be.

“Dreams” came from a session, where we sat down and chose a song that we had written many years ago in college, and reimagined the song by using some of the ideas from the original song. We like to use this method, from time to time, to come up with new songs so that we can breathe new life into old ideas that went stale for us, or that we ended up having writer’s block at the time. Even though we used an old song that Dewey had written in college called “Wonky”, not a lot of the original source material actually ended up being used in “Dreams”! The two parts that were used from “Wonky” are the intro melody before the vocals start, and one of the arp lines that is supporting the main theme that comes in immediately when the vocals stop before the build. The concept of “Dreams” is open to interpretation; but for us it’s about having dreams (well, nightmares) about losing someone that you never want to lose. 

How does this piece translate into your overall style and how is it different?

“Dreams” fits into our overall Hyper House style perfectly by; being melodically / harmonically driven, having high energy aggressive synths, and being an overall fun song! The main difference with this song when compared to our previous releases, is that the writing in this song is more tamed and concise. With us both having ADHD, our music reflects the fact that we like to keep things interesting and not stay on a single idea for too long in our music. We like to keep things fresh and interesting and with “Dreams” we wrote a song that is simple yet captivating to listeners. We wanted to challenge ourselves to write something both simple and interesting. 

It has been said that all the profits from “Dreams” will be donated to Planned Parenthood. Tell us more about this and why this issue is important to you both.

We decided to donate all profits from Dreams to Planned Parenthood after Roe v. Wade was struck down by the Supreme Court in June, and we felt compelled to help protect reproductive rights in any way that we could. We view reproductive rights and reproductive freedom, as a basic human right that everyone should have. It is astonishing that in this day and age, we are still arguing over a person with a uterus’s right to have autonomy over their own bodies.     

Who worked with you on the creation of visuals for “Dreams”? What was the process like?

We made the video, along with another video editor from our team, using Final Cut Pro. We love how Joyryde uses stock footage to make music videos and uses different techniques to elevate the footage to a whole new level. We actually taught ourselves Final Cut to make this video. After that, we started sourcing stock footage that matched the aesthetic we wanted for the video, but also footage that we could piece together to tell a story in its own way. Definitely the most difficult part of the making of the video, was making the video move with the beat and speed of the music. We did not want to sit on one piece of footage for too long unless we had additional layers added to it that were modulating different parameters that synced to the song.    

Your previous single “Get It” featuring CJ Silva was a huge success. What was it like filming such a cinematic music video to compliment the song?

Filming “Get It” was an amazing experience, and we have to give it to CJ Silva for pulling off what he did to make the entire project happen! He wrote the lyrics, recorded them, sent them to us for processing / editing and we flew him out to LA from Miami to shoot the video all in one week! We wanted the music video for “Get It” to be different from the video for “With You”, by having a video that had more of a storyline and focused on a journey that the audience gets to experience with CJ. Peter Baltimore, who was the videographer, editor and vfx artist for the video, did an amazing job directing CJ and helped us storyboard the video as well! Driving around LA in a van that doesn’t go faster than 45 MPH, while being goofy in public and getting people to interact with us, is an experience we won’t soon forget!   

Having created your own unique sound, do you plan on venturing into the undiscovered corners of EDM and coming up with new fusion sounds?

We love pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in music! By creating Hyper House, which draws inspiration from so many different styles of music, we are free to explore what’s possible and different ways to blend different aspects of the genres that make up Hyper House! One of the reasons we love bass music genres is because the genre is not afraid to explore different aspects of songwriting, sound design and exploring sonic space!       

Music will save the world. Yes or no?

How could it not? Music is one of the common threads between all living beings. People use music to get through tough times or celebrate achievements! Music can save lives and be used as therapy in different ways. Songs tell stories, inspire generations, and have the power to initiate the change we want to see in the world around us and globally.

Where do you get your inspiration on days when you don’t feel particularly motivated?

When we get stuck in a creative rut, we like to go out on adventures! Going somewhere new, meeting new people, seeing new things, and trying new foods can help stimulate the mind and get ideas flowing. It’s important to take breaks when you feel burnt out, and to have some fun! Working hard is important, but playing hard is just as important

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