R&B’s Nehemie is Back With “Pull Up”

Nehemie, a Canadian singer-songwriter, is scheduled to return after a year break. “Pull Up” was inspired by a youthful love. It depicts the sensation of being passionate and turbulent; when something is transitory yet so significant that it absorbs you anyway.

While words are not required for communication, they are useful. Nehemie, who was born and raised in Montreal, combines French and English to portray her heritage. Switching languages and speaking in both when something sounds or fits better in another is something that many bilingual persons can relate to.

This song draws personal influence not just from Nehemie’s upbringing, but also from her youth. She used to write poems as a youngster when she felt misunderstood. She began creating songs at the age of 10 and singing in her church at the age of twelve. She developed a YouTube account by the age of 13 where she posted renditions of Hip-Hop and R&B tunes. “Pull Up”’s musical tone reflects her inspiration from 90s gospel, R&B, and soul sounds.

Néhémie can be found on Spotify | Youtube | Instagram