Check Out “SWITCH” By Percy Bluu

Music is getting more advanced day by day. Far from the days of each genre being so separate from others, with many creatives being able to blend different genres together, to make one cohesive sound that you didn’t think was possible. A shining example of the magic of genre blending is Percy Bluu’s new song “SWITCH”. The latest single is full of synths and beats and his beautiful vocals that grab the attention of the listener at the very beginning.

The song has many great elements that work, but one of the more impressive elements is the writing. What can be a lost art for some, he excels majorly in with him bringing well crafted verses and a catchy hook, while also mastering the art of tone in the vocals to make them felt even more.

Percy Bluu (born Grant Keller Robertson) is a composer and music artist from the United States. Despite having been interested in music at a young age, his formal debut as “Percy Bluu” came in late 2021. Percy Bluu has built his own way, influenced by genres such as Pop Punk, R&B, Pop, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, and Trap. Percy’s hard ethic continues to show as he grinds day in and day out to provide the best quality independent music.

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