Olivia Penalva Makes “You Love It” in New Single

Canada’s latest rising pop sensation, artist Olivia Penalva, has returned with her new single, “You Love It” –  the second single from her forthcoming EP. This song will get stuck in your mind for days and you would love to share it with everyone you know. Olivia’s powerful vocals and her emotional lyrics are so captivating and the quality of her music is interesting. The instrumental of this song is catchy and the production and mixing are excellent. 

Olivia Penalva is an experienced artist and has an amazing passion for her music. You can actually guarantee the artist went above and beyond to appeal to fans’ unique preferences. Olivia seeks to give listeners an early taste of that precious summery feeling with this new song and she executes it perfectly.

The song is empowering and Olivia delivers it with utmost passion. “I think it’s really easy to be hard on ourselves. And in doing that, we tend to forget that other people are capable of loving the parts of ourselves that we hate the most. We convince ourselves that it’s not possible and that we aren’t good enough. But there is someone out there for everyone and hopefully, that person can show you just how wonderful you really are,” she says. This song was co-written with Troy Samson.

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