Hazeline Taffe Talks About Her New Album The Holy Awakening In Exclusive Interview

We really enjoyed your new album The Holy Awakening and would like to ask you some questions.

First of all, what does The Holy Awakening mean for you on a personal level? How hard was it to translate these spiritual messages into a full-album? The Holy Awakening as the title suggests it gives me a deeper sense of awareness that everyone is not the same, or no one is like you. An individual perception can oftentimes be misunderstood and unfortunately lead to other things that are totally dark, ultimately having a negative impact on life. However, the beauty of the album is turning those experiences into something rather beautiful is really what the real power is all about. It was not difficult to create the message into sonic sound at all when the story is coming from a real and authentic biblical message.

What’s the first thing you notice when hearing a song for the first time? 

I guess I would say what message or vibe is the song conveying.

Which artists have inspired you the most throughout your life? 

I am going to say, Michael Jackson, growing up as a child I have always been a fan of his music. He is truly one of the most inspirational artists in the world.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned since your start in the music industry?

The most important lesson I have learned in this music Industry is that everyone is not what they seemed to be. Individuals need to realize that there are people who work really hard and have an honest life, while others come and take advantage. But the take away from this is to keep moving forward.

Are you planning on releasing more music this year? If yes, could you please tell us more about that?

Yes, I am planning on releasing more music but it is too soon to say when. I will say it will rather be in the early future and the album will most likely be a body of work in connection to “The Humanitarian Change” Single or a different body of work.

If you could collaborate with any artists of your choice, who would make it to your top 5 and why?

My top five artists would be Michael Bolton, NSYNC, Celine Dion, Adele, and Air Supply. Sincerest sentiment to Michael Jackson, also these artists are my top five favorites. I enjoy listening to their music.

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