Emerging Artist StevenCharles Seems To Have It All: Listen To His Latest Single “Love You Still”

With an unmatched voice and attitude, StevenCharles has it all to become the next big pop singer-songwriter thanks to the success of his most recent release, “Love You Still.” This song is a profound single that tackles different kinds of emotional states in a romantic relationship, served with a fantastic visualizer. 

StevenCharles has been oozing charm with his songs little over a year ago when the Canadian-born singer-songwriter released his debut single “Stay,” a record distilling positive and joyful melodic vibe, leaving listeners impressed and wanting more. The track went on to accumulate hundreds of thousands of streams and views across platforms, which proved just how high StevenCharles’ potential really is. 

His sophomore single “Love You Still” comes as a slower and more sensual song packed with great harmonies and piano lines. The artist poured his heart while writing the lyrics, based on real life experiences, making it incredibly relatable for listeners. “Love You Still” by StevenCharles is now available on all platforms so make sure to give it a listen and enjoy this artist’s limitless talent! 

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