Thuy Shares New Song “Trust” Featuring RINI

Thuy, an up-and-coming artist, has released a new song named “Trust” starring RINI, along with a music video created by Edgar Daniel. Thuy’s debut track off her upcoming untitled project.

Thuy works tirelessly on the glossy, guitar-driven single to assure her respective lover that she would be there for the long haul.

She lightly sings, “You can try to act tough but I see right through you / I know you been through a lot they can’t walk in your shoes / Baby let your guard down / Worlds loud we could shut it out / You can put ya trust in me if you choose.” 

RINI sees some hesitation on his girl’s part but does a smooth job at reassurance. “I’m ready to give you everything / But I don’t know if you are ready to do the same / Don’t matter to me how long you take / No one knows you like I do” he sings. 

In the new single “Trust,” Thuy said, “Trust is something you build with another person. You spend time growing and learning each other, and somewhere along the way, the goal is to become two pieces of a greater whole. ‘trust’ details the journey of nurturing love and growth, which can only happen when you let down your guard and open up.”

“I’m so so happy I got to be part of this beautiful song, it’s the perfect summer Jam and the visual really speaks to me and I know it would do the same for a lot of people who are in relationships. Thank you Thuy for creating this gem with me,” RINI added.