Jjacqz and dark damz Have Created “Let’s get it on”

Two emerging artists, Jjacqz and dark damz, have collaborated on a new single titled “Let’s get it on.” The single is full of smooth beats and synths that grab the attention of the listener at the very beginning of the song. The beautifully soft, ethereal-like vocals seamlessly infuse a memorable dose of emotion while also making it excellent for singing along to. Aside from the dreamy vocals, the rhythmic beats create a perfectly laid-back ambiance ideal for the heady vocal melody to soar. 

Jjacqz debuted with a popular novel titled “On the other side.” A journey through despair and self-love, as well as discussing her experiences with bullying relationships and counseling to overcome depression. She subsequently began writing and creating short poetry videos for YouTube, including poetry freestyle. Jjacqz has finally opened the doors of poetry fused with music to the rest of the globe. She is forging her own path and genre, ‘floetry.’ A mash-up of spoken word poetry with R&B beats. Jjacqz takes pleasure in her use of words and imagery to produce a clear picture/story for her audience. Dedicated and enthusiastic music professional with the skill and determination to achieve.

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