Exclusive Interview With EdVanzd, The Man Behind “Tha Bounce”

Congratulations on the release of your new track “Tha Bounce”! Tell us more about it, what inspired you to record this song?

Living in a world where everyone presents their ‘representatives’ to each other (particularly via social media) has become so ingrained into every fiber of our being that it’s virtually impossible to find our way back to our natural selves. This is especially true for us as entertainers/performers. “Tha Bounce” strips all of that away and ‘unmasks’ the truth of self as told by the mirror’s reflection.

What inspired the concept of the music video?

The concept of the video provides multi-tiered imagery that ties in micro-perspectives to macro-objectives. All told via the subconscious. The black and white motif provides a juxtaposition between two polar opposite ends of the spectrum, symbolizing how vastly different our ‘representatives’ are from who we truly are… while also simplifying how we perceive truth to be simply black and white (even though there are plenty shades of grey betwixt the two). The images ‘projected’ onto the screen represent the multitude of images we project onto others as well as ourselves.

Any behind the scenes fun moments to share with us?

As serious as the tone of the song is, capturing the haunting element of the video was actually full of funny moments, which shows how closely related comedy and drama are. They tend to vibrate on similar frequencies.

What sparked your desire to become an artist?

My grandfather had a record store sized vinyl collection. We would stay up late cataloging and listening to records from every genre, which sparked my love for the musical arts. It was Michael Jackson’s mastery of the medium that sparked my infatuation with artistic expression as a whole. When it came to hip-hop, LL Cool J made me want to rap in the first place, but Rakim inspired me to become a prolific MC.

Did your surroundings growing-up help you towards that dream?

Growing up in a family-driven community set in the center of an impoverished neighborhood balanced my outlook on life. I was the epitome of the ‘rose that grew from the concrete.’ This enabled me to see beyond my immediate surroundings into a world of endless possibilities.

What is your most memorable moment as an artist?

The first time I built my studio from scratch gave me the feeling of authenticity. That’s when I truly knew that I believed in myself enough to invest time, money and sweat equity into my craft.

We’ve noticed that you enjoy mixing up several moods and styles in your music, how would you define your genre?

Omni-Hop. No individual has a monolithical mood flow. Music is a form of a wide-ranging artistic expression for us as humans. Therefore, I try to authentically convey that in my many styles. Which can all be attributed to my upbringing, listening to my grandfather’s massive record collection. It taught me an appreciation for multiple sounds, moods, vibes and melodies.

What’s next for EdVanzd?

Personally, God just blessed my beautiful wife, Shyla and I with a new addition to the kingdom. Princess Ashya now joins her big brother, Prince Maverick in the royal family.

Musically, I’m working on a full-length album while I continue to extend the reach of “Tha Bounce.”

Business-wise, I’m continuing to develop conscious-forward projects via my company EdVanzd Media, such as our award-winning documentary, “Target St. Louis: Vol . 1” that’s doing exceptionally well in the film festival circuit right now.

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