Tayla Parx Wants Her “Flowers” on New Single

We frequently hear about offering someone of status and distinction flowers before they leave this world. According to all accounts, it’s best to sniff them when they’re still alive. Tayla Parx, who has worked with Janelle Monáe, John Legend, and Ariana Grande, wants to be first in line for everything on her new song “Flowers.”

Over an upbeat tune, Parx wants her apartment to look like a florist while demanding that her ring be kissed for her contributions, no matter how small.

“I go Aretha when I get my respect / So if you’re coming for me, know you better come correct / I bank on promises, it’s never a threat / My sh*t don’t stink, I smell the roses and they smell like checks,” she sings boastfully.

Speaking on the new single, Parx said in a statement, “‘Flowers’ is about living your life in the present and showing your loved ones, including YOURSELF, how much they mean to you in the now instead of waiting until it’s too late.”

“Flowers represent life and living, and the song represents my desire to celebrate every part of my life, no matter how big or small. Go get yourself some flowers now!”

Stream Tayla Parx’s new song “Flowers” below.