Luck Releases Debut EP “It Wasn’t Luck”

Making a name for oneself as an artist is a difficult task. Luck, the shape-shifting newcomer, makes it clear on her first EP that It Wasn’t Luck. The seven-track collection contains previously released songs including “I’ll Cut Them Off For You,” “All Diamonds,” and “Higher.”

It Wasn’t Luck opens with the soulful mid-tempo ballad “Seed,” where Luck suggests that we are in for a great ride early on in the record.

“B.I.D.” is genre-defying excellence, with the production enhancing her blazing tones of anger and conviction. She drew on excerpts from Black lectures against injustice and police reform. It’s a crucial protest song for what continues to be done to Black and Brown people.

The instrumentation employed in “Don’t Sweat” is stirring and perfectly complements her vocals. Her vocal cadence pops through brilliantly in this song.

In honor of her first EP, Luck created a short film-style music video for the song “Don’t Sweat.” Justin Smith, the CEO of her label, co-directed it.

Luck said of It Wasn’t Luck in a statement, “Every song was inspired by my battle in stepping into my divinity. My godly design is what has always led me. And saved me, truly, in the end from the feelings that my humanity carried. Whether that was inadequacy, fear or doubt over what was written over my life.”

“Like me, there’s a million people that look like they have it all together… but when they take off their clothes and all that makeup there are mad scars. I made it through all that. But there are so many who haven’t. These songs are for the radical heart; the radical thinkers and dreamers,” she continued.
Stream Luck’s debut project It Wasn’t Luck below.