Brent Faiyaz Shares New Song “Price of Fame”

Brent Faiyaz presents a new single titled “Price of Fame” as he prepares to release his new album, Wasteland.

The six-minute song is divided into two sections. Part one has Faiyaz frankly sharing his experience as a public person, emphasizing that there is much more to it than the sparkle and glamour. He goes on to explain how some people want him to fail and how emotionally hard it is to appear to be happy all of the time.

“They just wanna take me off of here / They just wanna knock me off my square, look at that / I can’t fake a smile, it’s hard to wear,” he somberly sings in the first verse. Later, in the chorus, he croons, “(The fame) I swear it isn’t everything / (Glitz and glam) It isn’t everything / (People screaming your name) I swear it isn’t everything / (The demands) It isn’t everything.”

The second part of the song is dedicated to a relationship that Faiyaz wishes to begin. He admits that he isn’t flawless, but he feels he belongs with this individual.

“Oh, I ain’t sellin’ dreams to you, baby / That ain’t my style I never said that I was the best in the world / But I’m the best for you, girl,” he sings.

“Price of Fame” arrives with an accompanying visual filmed and directed by Bobby Banks.

“Price of Fame” is the fourth song released from Faiyaz’s upcoming album, Wasteland, which will be released on July 8 under his Lost Kids imprint.

Faiyaz’s new era began in September 2020 with “Dead Man Walking.”

In 2021, he released “Gravity,” starring Tyler, the Creator, and “Wasting Time,” featuring Drake and The Neptunes. The later single spent over a month in the top ten on urban radio.

Alicia Keys, Joony, and Tre’ Amani will all make cameos in Wasteland, which is executive produced by Jonathan “Freeze” Wells.

Listen to “Price of Fame” by Brent Faiyaz below.