Maluma Unveils The Music Video For “Nos Comemos Vivos” In Duet With Chencho Corleone

We’re not going to give you a long lecture about Maluma, an international musician who has already made a name for himself on the global pop stage. Maluma returns with a banger, backed by an infectious collaboration with Chencho Corleone, whose musical repertoire we uncover, with his title “Nos Comemos Vivos,” which is disclosed in the form of a video clip.

The artist returns to his earliest musical loves, the sound with which we all knew him, in this excerpt from his album “The Love & Sex Tape,” which was published on June 10. The impression is instant, it grips you. Maluma explains his new initiative in detail:

” More than a decade after the start of my career, I was missing that essence that inspired me from the beginning and I felt the need to communicate with the streets as well as with the fans who love the urban rhythm that m defined from the beginning; that’s why I decided to make this album. The Love & Sex Tape represents my duality and a 2022 version of my original sound …”

Without further ado, discover his latest title, which is now available in the form of a video clip.

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