Xavier Omär Shares New Song “Tarantino”

For his new song “Tarantino,” Xavier Omär reunites with his close friend and producer Sango. It’s their second collaboration of the year, but it’s the first with Omär as the lead artist since 2020.

“Tarantino” has a shuffling percussion beat and a spacious but bright coating that complements his suave talk. He’s less concerned with providing a great singing performance than he is with downing the man of a catch and buttering her up for the theft.

Omär shed light on where he drew the inspiration for this new song. “This song is about my Dad trying to get at my Mom in college when she was already engaged,” he explained. “I wanted to step in my Dad’s shoes to tell the story in a modern way because I could never imagine that kind of confidence for myself.”

Reuniting with Sango for “Tarantino,” which also benefited from Stwo’s production assistance, had to be a wonderful time for Omär.

Omär felt he needed to move away from his collaboration with Sango on If You Feel, released on RCA Records, after working closely on albums like Moments Spent Love You and Hours Spent Loving You.

Omär fans may look forward to a new initiative. Omär’s new EP, b l u r r, will be released on July 22. It comes after his last major-label debut, If You Feel, which was released in 2020.

Sango co-produced “Surf,” which featured Masego, as well as “Tarantino,” which will appear on Omär’s summer album.

“Feelings 4 You,” a recent track Omär launched last month, is also included on b l u r r

Omär hasn’t said much about his upcoming project, other than the fact that it will be released independently.

Listen to Xavier Omär’s new song “Tarantino” below.