Jacob Banks Is Willing To Risk It All For Love On “By Design (Evel Knievel)”

When you first hear the London-based singer Jacob Banks’ delicate and engaging voice in his new tune “By Design [Evel Knievel],” you’ll be taken aback. Banks is back to offer his strong sound in advance of his next album Lies About the War, which is due to be released this August under Banks’ own label, Nobody Records.

The song begins with an open confession: Banks has been considering the often daunting and unpredictable grasp of life and love. Instead of running away from his emotions, he addresses them through singing. “By Design [Evel Knievel]” captures listeners’ attention with a dreamy, cyclic operatic harmony and piano combination that builds into Banks’ impassioned vocals. Banks says of the upcoming album, “‘By Design [Evel Knievel]’ is about the novelty of youth, before we were altered. At our core, I truly believe we all just want to love and be loved. But even that is a luxury now.”

Make sure you check out Jacob’s other hit singles like “Chainsmoking” which has amassed over 45 million streams on Spotify, or “Unknown (To You)” which has over 51 million streams on Spotify. 

One listen to “By Design [Evel Knievel]” will make you an instant fan of Jacob Banks. Luckily, with a forthcoming album and North American tour on the horizon, there is plenty to champion in the months to come.

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