Muni Long and Saweetie Release New Song “Baby Boo”

Muni Long has mastered the art of catchy tunes. “Baby Boo,” the platinum-selling singer’s newest display of brilliance in singing and composition, includes rising rapper Saweetie.

Long’s honey-sweet vocals are paired with a catchy, radio-friendly sound for the charming summer hit. She sings with a flirtatious zeal to someone she undoubtedly made blush when she revealed how they make her feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

“I love you, I love you I’m always thinkin’ of you / And no, it’s not a crush / Baby, I wanna lock you down (I wanna) / Ooh, I wanna cuff you / Wanna make you my boo, wanna make you my boo,” Long sings on the catchy hook.

Saweetie adds her playful talent to make “Baby Boo” even more irresistible: “You, my baby boo / Got me puttin’ on little ol’ Daisy Dukes / I said, ‘Ooh, take a pic for you’ / Better like my shit, I ain’t playin’ with you.”