Jacob Banks Releases New Song ‘By Design (Evel Knievel)’

Jacob Banks has announced the title of a new lead track from his upcoming album Lies About The War. “By Design (Evel Knievel)” triumphs over his previous song, “Just When I Thought.”

Banks’ hearty vocals give the song character here, while the production choice harkens back to a traditional soul. “‘By Design’ is about the novelty of youth, before we were altered,” explains Banks. “At our core, I truly believe we all just want to love and be loved. But even that is a luxury now.”

As previously stated, “By Design [Evel Knievel]” is now driving the album cycle for Banks’ sophomore album, Lies About The War, which will be released on August 26 via his imprint Nobody Records. His previous single, “Just When I Thought,” was released in March, coupled with a music video.

Banks released a live performance of the song just weeks before its release, dressed entirely in black against a golden-satin backdrop.

Banks released an EP named For My Friends in early 2021. Several pre-EP singles were included on the eight-song compilation, including “Stranger,” “Devil That I Know,” and “Parade.”

Banks will go on a globe tour in support of his new album, Lies About The War. The ensuing North American tour kicks off on September 28 at The Fillmore in San Francisco. It will end on October 31 at Minneapolis’ Varsity Theater.

Then, from November 6 to November 29, he’ll perform a number of gigs around Europe. Tickets may be purchased on his official website.

Listen to Jacob Banks’ new song “By Design [Evel Knievel]” below.