TEF XL Pairs Latest Joint “RNR” With Powerful Visuals

Rapper TEF XL has finally paired his latest release, the track “RNR,” with powerful visuals adequately complementing the song’s vibe through stunning imagery. The rapper mostly appears alone in the city, spitting his verses while being surrounded by buildings, graffiti, and dark alleys. The explosive music video is one more tour de force by the artist who has been extremely prolific this past year in terms of new releases and projects. 

“RNR” follows-up to “Deuces” and “JIT 2 A G,” all aligning flawlessly to his creative force and vision as an artist seeking to share his story, from teenager to street entrepreneur, to Fortune 500 business executive.

“RNR” powerfully displays his ability to bridge between the old and the new through a magnificent blend interweaving modern rap and old-school vibes ranging from 80’s to 90’s era-defining rap. Socially conscious lyrics and a hard-hitting flow are two of the elements that truly elevate this new track, reinforcing his status as an authentic artist whose main added value can clearly be defined as fearlessness. 

TEF XL is also a business executive, promoter and social advocate. He grew up in Jacksonville where he began writing his own lyrics at only 12 years old. After some troubled teenage years, he radically changed the course of his life and graduated with a Doctorate of Pharmacy. 

With a new music video for “RNR” under his belt, TEF XL continues to restlessly pursue his dreams while inspiring a whole generation to follow him. 

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