Shelley FKA DRAM Shares New Song “Chocolate Covered Strawberries”

Shelley FKA DRAM might be working on an Edible Arrangements jingle. His new single “Chocolate Covered Strawberries” has culinary content as delectable and sweet as the well-known company’s delights. His pure voice is full of sincerity and love. The core of this digital serenade wonderfully recalls a ’90s super duet.

“Now I know I haven’t known you for that long / But these feelings that I feel are very strong / So can we keep on keeping in touch? / ‘Cause I can’t get enough,” Shelley sings in the first verse.

Speaking on his new track, Shelley says,

“I wanted to make a R&B smash inspired by the nostalgia of production that geniuses like Timbaland & Missy Elliott brought to the forefront.”