Daniel Herr Stirs Our Emotions In “The Way It’s Supposed To Feel (Acoustic Sessions)”

Daniel Herr, a Nashville-based singer-songwriter, has released a fantastic pop tune called “The Way It’s Supposed to Feel (Acoustic Sessions).” Daniel has perhaps one of the most beautiful vocals in today’s music industry.

The Way It’s Supposed to Feel is the hardest hitting proof of that because accompanied only by a guitar, it illustrates all the intensity of its vocal lines with synths that explode in melody, precisely because he is an artist with a very intense personality and talent, and who brings out inspiration and originality in his work in a huge way.

Daniel sings:

“I’ve been a lover to many others before you baby. And I would wonder if someone better was waiting for me. And so, I’d run from one and off to the next, chasing something I wasn’t so sure exists. But all of my running was not in vain, I bumped into you on the way.”

Fans of Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, and Adam Levine will enjoy the single’s realistic storyline, profoundly sensitive lyrics, and ear-pleasing soul vocals. The tear-jerking love ballad features beautiful orchestration infused with classic soul and current pop influences. Furthermore, “The Way It’s Supposed to Feel (Acoustic Sessions)” is about the relief, joy, and sensation you get when you meet your soulmate.

Daniel Herr’s musical talent is obvious. His music is evergreen, something people can still listen to 50 years from now.

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