Orlando Rocco Music Releases New Single “Way You See Me” Featuring Justis Chanell

R&B music production powerhouse Orlando Rocco Music has released a new single “Way You See Me” starring the outstanding performer Justis Chanell. “Way You See Me” is about being fortunate enough to have someone who sees you authentically rather than superficially:

“Someone who matches your fly. Considers you and your feelings and wants nothing but the best for you. Doesn’t want you to go out of your way or be someone different. Doesn’t make you wonder, but rather tells you whatever it is you need to know. That’s what this song embodies. Celebrating special people everywhere who love someone special to them. And most importantly, sees them for everything they are.”

Justis’ soft voice complements the calm cadence and well-balanced instrumental composition. She recounts former romances and life lessons:

“I used to fall apart

I was a real big mess

Used to give my heart

To whoever wanted it”

Orlando Rocco Music Productions continues to produce excellent future R&B talent, and he is quickly establishing himself as a game-changing influencer in the very competitive music business.