Kristina Murrell Releases Second Album “Beautiful Disaster”

From the lyrical first chords of Kristina Murrell’s new album, Beautiful Disaster, it’s clear that this magnificent collection of songs is anything but.

Kristina Murrell’s new album, Beautiful Disaster, is the natural sequel to her award-winning debut album, Passion & Pain. Beautiful Disaster is a stunning 12-track album that celebrates the singer/songwriter’s background. It features R&B ballads, afrobeat-laced rhythms, and island-tinged pop.

This latest album, Beautiful Disaster continues her exploration of earlier relationship themes she raised in her debut album Passion & Pain. This album celebrates the artist’s lightness of being as the old gives way to the new. From the grooving and pleading of “Body” to the confident female swagger of “She Could Never” to the new love possibility of the album closer “Run It Back” and the disco-fied title track “Beautiful Disaster”, Kristina proves she’s got staying power.