Your Grandparents and Amindi Share New Single “Somebody Told Me”

Even fresh relationships are not without turmoil. You might anticipate the streets to chatter and stir up chaos after you’ve settled with someone fresh and interesting. In the song “Somebody Told Me,” Your Grandparents are getting the news about a current subject from all directions, and it’s giving them a headache.

The groovy tune, which includes Amindi, finds the trio’s vocalists DaCosta and Jean Carter devastated after discovering their women have been downplaying what they’re working on.

Both are leaking private information that is merely based on rumors. But Amindi, the female defender, works hard to get this rumor report dismissed as a frivolous case in court. Take that rumor, people.

“We knew ‘Somebody Told Me’ had potential but we thought it could use a certain touch that only Amindi could add,” the trio said.

It’s not often that Your Grandparents get to collaborate with artists in their friend circle. But, here, the trio moved into a space called GPTV, where they’re the showrunners of a new collaborative movement.

“Our goal as a group right now is to focus on being more community-oriented and present tense with the art we share,” they explained.

“We let a lot of our live’s flow through the music and art we create, working from truth and experience… but what if we explored farther than just what we know? What if we wrote a story and created characters and imagined worlds? ‘Somebody Told Me’ is our first prelude into that realm.” 

“Somebody Told Me” is the first offering from Your Grandparents this year. It has yet to be determined where this single will end up in terms of a future project.

Thru My Window, the debut album from the band arrived in July 2021. The 10-track set included standouts like the wild “Red Room” and the cool groove “Digest.” It also featured the previously-shared singles “So Damn Fly” and “Sunlight.” 

Check out “Somebody Told Me” by Your Grandparents featuring Amindi below.