Natalie La Rose Returns With New Single “Tables”

Natalie La Rose has returned with her new single, “Tables,” after a seven-year hiatus.

La Rose dismisses her unfaithful partner on the D’Mile-produced single, believing he can sneak about without her knowing. Fortunately for La Rose, she is aware of his scheme and has the final laugh as she considers her alternative possibilities.

“I’ll make you miss this / Thinking that it’s something you get right back / I see you switching / You are on and off like an outlet / Don’t take my for love something you can replace / I got too many waiting to take your place / Somebody who can show me right / And never wanna leave my side,” La Rose sings.

“Tables” is accompanied by a video made by Hector Toro in which the words of the song emerge in the storyline.

“Tables,” co-written by La Rose, Lucky Daye, and D’Mile, is her first release since her 2015 single “Around the World,” which featured Fetty Wap.