Premiere: Game Changers NO GOOD ENT Have Two New Sensational Releases: “Bob Saget” Music Video & The Long-Awaited Album Mean Music

Acclaimed Hip-Hop duo NO GOOD ENT have yet again impressed urban music fans by dropping a highly awaited music video for their latest single “Bob Saget”, a visual as exhilarating and entertaining as the song that it perfectly complements. However, the big reveal is of course the much anticipated project the duo have been teasing; the full-length album titled Mean Music

As a duo, NO GOOD ENT has one of those musical styles that very much lies between authenticity and rebelliousness, enabling them to relish in their original expressions while defying all preexisting boundaries in Hip-Hop. One of the members, Peso, shares: “We want to stay true to ourselves with the music and the brand.” He continued, “we don’t mind the hate and we’re not sure if the music is even good or bad, we just want to make something authentic for the people.” 

Following the release of the “No Good 2” music video, NO GOOD ENT fans displayed high expectations from their favorite rap duo and their most recent drop clearly lives up to all the hype, becoming their best music video thus far. Imagined through a fascinating storytelling, impressive acting and creative fashion, the “Bob Saget” music video is an instant classic with its multi-layered meanings. 

The album contains some of NO GOOD ENT’s best work to date, thanks to each song offering a different listening experience and vibe with its unique composition, meaning and pacing. Mean Music has a lot of diversity when it comes to the styles, as it varies from slower paced and mellow rhythms like in “Black Air Force Activity” song, where the duo showcase their emotional range to more of their traditional anti-establishment style that NO GOOD ENT has perfected over the years. Overall, Mean Music stays true to the duo’s ethos of always experimenting with different genres and sounds, creating a profoundly impactful experience for listeners.

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