Rena Jones Astonishes The Music World With “Thief”

The perfect enveloping balance, with melodies that are breathtaking, is what the magnificent singer Rena Jones offers us in her single, “Thief.” The track takes a humorous approach to love.  Because she was frightened of getting hurt, she pretended she wasn’t really committed.  She was hell-bent on avoiding a romance because her life was already so wonderful, but then this boy came along and began tugging at her heart, and she couldn’t help but succumb. 

Rena Jones is a West Palm Beach, Florida-based singer/songwriter. When she was four years old, her mother overheard her singing “Think of Me” from the film Phantom of the Opera.  She grew up on the radio, listening to Adele, Whitney Houston, and Alicia Keys. She earned 20k followers by covering her favorite musicians and became viral on Tik Tok with 9.9 million views on her video.  Her innovative songs are influenced by soul, alternative, pop, and singer-songwriter styles.

Rena Jones parades her unified vocal lines through melodic waves that make us travel in the elegance of each of the notes performed from her privileged throat, taking us to imaginative locations where nothing else matters but her lyrical charms and the feeling of being entirely taken by the miracles of a star who knows exactly how to touch us in the most diverse ways so that we become immediate fans.

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