Connor Phillips Gives Your Road Trip a Soundtrack With New Single “Highway Cigarettes”

Canadian artist Connor Phillips has released a new song called “Highway Cigarettes.” He has now released an accompanying video for the song, which, despite its cheery melody, appears to be about an unhealthy relationship. 

Do you ever listen to a song and think, “I could certainly see this in a movie.”? That’s precisely what  you’ll feel when you first hear “Highway Cigarettes.” This one sends energy through your headphones that makes you feel like you’re floating. Singer Connor Phillips threads his ambient voice through the pockets of the emotion-inducing music that chugs along with a blend of synth melodies and guitar plucks to create a universe of its own for the listener to get lost in on his new single “Highway Cigarettes.”

“Too heart broken and drained of love / Yet we still hold on,” he sings early in the song, which has now been accompanied by a somber new video directed by Zia Kalyan and Kye Popham. The music video has already garnered over 15k views on YouTube alone! Check it out below. 

This is the continuation of an exciting new phase for Phillips, who has had a streak of notable albums and has been teasing a new project, Gone with the Wind.

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