Chlöe Asks Fans to Pick Next Single From Her Debut Album

Chlöe Bailey’s debut album is set to drop like a meteorite this year via Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records. The project’s first single, “Have Mercy,” was released in the fall of 2021 and quickly topped R&B and hip-hop charts. The RIAA awarded the rising singer-songwriter a gold record for the breakthrough tune.

Chlöe followed up with the powerful single “Treat Me” this spring. The bossy track has already received over nine million streams.

Following her appeal for comments on which song from three possible selections should be the third single, anticipation for Chlöe’s first album remains extremely high.

“For the Night,” “Surprise,” and “Cheat Back” were the tracks referenced in a recent Instagram Live.

The first song, “For the Night,” is an R&B/pop mix that depicts a setting in which an interest who is careful about putting themselves out there.

The second single, “Surprise,” features a wicked tempo and showcases Chlöe’s playful and naughty side. Finally, she sang “Cheat Back,” a cool guitar-based song about exacting retribution on a bad guy.

Many fans were torn between “For the Night” and “Surprise” as the next single from Chlöe. By all reports, she has yet to confirm which of the three will be released next.

It is known that her first album is complete, revealing the news in a series of tweets in March. “I don’t control dates or anything, but just know I’m super proud of this project. It means absolutely everything to me,” she wrote.  Outside of playing future solo music on Instagram Live, Chlöe shared a snippet of “Cry for Me,” a song previously teased.

She let fans know it is not exclusively her own but 6LACK’s song in which she is featured. As a courtesy, she only played the part of her verse. They have shot the video, according to Chlöe.