Janji Has Created “We Were Liars” In Collaboration With Joel Sundkvist

It’s finally here, the song everyone has been waiting for! “We Were Liars” is the title of Janji’s and Joel Sundkvist’s latest creation. The track and music video were both professionally produced and of excellent quality. “We Were Liars” is filled with gorgeous vocals, beautiful lyricism, and captivating synths that catch the listener’s attention.

Hailing from Helsinki, Janji became interested in electronic dance music after hearing Avicii’s “Levels” for the first time in 2011. He began creating his own music at the age of 20. Janji’s emotional dance-pop and his songs are recognizably filled with catchy melodies. 21 years old Joel made his debut in 2020 with Lost Together along with Holger Lund. He aims to reach out to people who love catchy, sing-along tunes and creative lyrics with his anthemic pop and folk-pop-inspired style.

You may know Janji from “Heroes Tonight” has been garnering 143 million Spotify streams and over 282 million YouTube views, reaching gold/platinum status in several countries. Joel also has hit tunes like “Drunk and Underage.” We hope that Janji and Joel Sundkvist will develop more rhythmic hits in the near future.

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