Hendrix Releases An Inspiring Debut Single “Found My Way To You”

Hendrix is a rising Canadian singer-songwriter from Toronto. She just released an uplifting debut tune titled “Found My Way To You.”

“When I found my to you, I found my way to me,” Hendrix sings vulnerably on a matter important to her heart. The heartfelt song features a sympathetic tale, ear-pleasing vocals, and gorgeous orchestration infused with a current pop vibe. Furthermore, “Found My Way To You” offers a wonderful appetizer to what Hendrix has in store for fans in the near future as she continues to release new songs.

Speaking about the song, Hendrix said, “Found My Way To You was originally about love, your soulmate. In my soul, the song being about a person didn’t click for me, and I couldn’t connect to the beautiful words used in the song. The words in this song is a forever love. One that is true. I had never experienced love to that degree. It wasn’t until I started my healing and self-love journey that I discovered that kind of love.”

Hendrix’s song is all about conveying love, power, confidence, and generosity. She has performed at Roy Thompson Hall with Canadian artists such as Cardinal Officiall, Fefe Dobson, and JRDN. She progresses toward her objectives and ambitions one step at a time.

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