Charlie Houston Shares New Single Titled “Lately”

Charlie Houston, a Canadian singer-songwriter, has recently released her fresh new tune “Lately,” a compelling indie-pop song about the challenges of being young.

“Lately,” which is out now through Arts & Crafts Productions, finds the brilliant musician elegantly demonstrating her silky smooth vocals and sympathetic narrative talents. This is a song about thinking about the difficulties of being young, falling in love, and creating a relationship while still traveling the world, seeking independence, and discovering oneself. This message is wrapped around sophisticated guitar riffs that are beautifully combined with a steady pace and cool electronics to produce a comfortable, laid-back environment ideal for a relaxed summer day. Check it out down below!

“Doing those two things at the same time can be very difficult,” says Houston. “You’re young so you don’t want to sacrifice too much of yourself or what you want, but you’re also in love with someone and you want to make it work.” – Says Charlie Houston

You may know Charlie from “Things” which has garnered over 1.4 million streams on Spotify, or “Calls” which has amassed over 1.3 million streams as well!

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