New Single By West-Coast R&B Star DYLI Is Out & Titled “LOE”

Sensational talent DYLI pours out her heartfelt emotions in her latest single called “LOE” in which the artist conveys her turmoil regarding her relationship through an authentic and mellow single. Written and composed in a story-like fashion, the Stockton-native manages to create a soothing ambience and tell her listeners the importance of self-loyalty.

The talented singer has been making music from an early age, releasing her debut single at the age of just eleven. Since then, her career has been on a steady rise to the top, gaining recognition for her unique voice and unmatched style of r&b by appearing on SXSW and amassing hundreds of thousands of streams with her music. After releasing two full-length albums and numerous singles, DYLI finds herself equipped with all the necessary tools to reach the very top of the industry.

Her latest masterpiece “LOE” not only gives euphonious vibes with powerful messages, it also shows just how much the young talent has evolved over the years. She showcases another side of her musical capabilities and experiments with slower beats compared to her last year’s release “MmmHmm.” However, DYLI always stays loyal to her heartfelt songwriting style with “LOE,” showing off another layer of her musical prowess. 

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