Presenting Nezsa’s new R&B single “Trouble”

Nigerian alternative R&B singer/songwriter Nezsa has released her latest single “Trouble.”  The track will also be on Nezsa’s upcoming sophomore EP To All the Heartbreakers (coming out this summer).

“Trouble” depicts the narrative of a lady seeking vengeance on her ex-lover, and it highlights Nezsa’s distinct voice, unconventional musical styles, and deep composition. Over rich synth keys, snappy beat patterns, and a magnificent saxophone arrangement that wonderfully punctuates the tune, Nezsa stands up to a toxic ex-lover and pushes back against their cheating, gaslighting, and lying methods.

“Trouble” is a glorious genre-bending R&B offering that’s driven by Nezsa’s enchanting voice, layered harmonies, and vivid storytelling lyrics which her fans will resonate with.