The Inspiring Story Behind SONO Music & Its Founder

SONO Music is a record label that specializes in promoting creators and music industry professionals, looking to empower artists and record labels by working as a collaborative family. A label with a peculiar history and journey to its conception, SONO extends from its collaborative history and implements it in every segment of its activities. Interestingly, “Sono” in Italian means ‘I am’ and in Latin means ‘sound,’ attributes each musician has – an ability to produce sound and owning their craft.

Founded in 2019, SONO Music has had an interesting story since its launch, starting with the founder, Stefano Poillucci. Before coming up with the label, the founder and two of his friends were running a local pub in Rome’s suburbs called the Drake Pub, the place where they organized concerts and even music festivals. At one of the events, they managed to fill up the pub with more than 2,000 people standing in front of the pub. 

After years of organizing memorable events, a large number of artists started wanting to perform at the prestigious pub, resulting in an overload of talent that had to be exposed. There, Stefano Poilluci decided to create a music branch for the pub and called it “SONO Concerti.” The idea was to have a separate entity to deal with the events, however, the circumstances of the Covid-19 Pandemic led to an immediate halt and stopped the idea going forward. 

Stefano was determined to establish a connection between artists, labels and music associations and the pandemic ultimately helped him develop a legitimate platform for artists signed to his label– SONO for Artists. A functional initiative in its early stages, it was first designed as a platform to share data, establish a communication between artists and have a social media presence. After several developments, SONO for Artists has become a social and professional hub for artists to promote themselves, connect with creators, industry professionals, learn and share their work through the platform. The record label even offers management services including music distribution and marketing, all monitored by the artists themselves.

Now, their goal is to support artists globally, as SONO aims to embrace music while inspiring an outward thinking, making people enthusiastic about a world that has no boundaries or genre, by communicating through and for arts and music. The priority mission at SONO is to connect artists, creators, and music lovers globally, leaving the world more colorful than before.

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