Miami based singer-songwriter Lo Artiz is back with her brand new track “11:11”

Lo Artiz, an R&B/Alt-soul musician, leaves you motivated and inspired with her fresh new tune “11:11.” Lo Artiz’s fantastic vocals, which are just stunning improves “11:11” in a very deep and intricacy manner that is contained within the words themselves. The song’s combination of light but cosmic synthesizers, forceful rhythm drops, and lovely voice layering create an engrossing listen that validates the listener in the middle of turbulence, uncertainty, and vulnerability. Lo’s lyrics, written amid a very melancholy moment for the L.A.-via-Miami singer, are a heartfelt message of confidence in these uncertain times – not just for the listener, but also for Artiz herself.

“11:11” is the sort of music that truly goes into your heart. It may strike a few chords or press a few buttons within you, but Lo Artiz offers a safe environment to allow you travel through those sensations. Lo Artiz is already on her way to becoming one of the greatest performers in today’s music scene.
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