GT_Ofice And Britt Lari Release A Sensational New Electro-Dance Tune “Moving On”

When you see the name of a particular artist, you know you’re going to be getting something spectacular. Something that shines a light in your world with their special sound that you adore, to keep you committed to their talent as well as this culture of music that we all enjoy. Featuring an artist like GT_Ofice, you can always expect a big-time release, and on his latest with Britt Lari, “Moving On,” you get all you could desire and more.

GT_Ofice and Britt Lari collaborate to allow their unique synth sound to shine on their new single “Moving On.” They waste no time in taking you into their world with the tremendous appeal in the Pop/ EDM infused sounds, standing out in a significant way to let you know this was meant for the world to enjoy as soon as you click play. You receive a fantastic vocal performance for the main tone, which allows the writing to be felt even more, as you may be a fan of every component of this ultimate jam.

“Moving On” by GT_Ofice and Britt Lari is a standout piece of work that grows and gets better with each play. It’s difficult to discover something that everyone will appreciate in something as subjective as music, but with a record this exceptional and excellent, you know it will resonate with the public, with a genuinely excellent sound that just feels nice to hear, to keep us wanting more.

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