Emerging R&B Star Ashleigh Bankx Releases A New Single “Tried”

Ashleigh made her debut in the music business in 2021, with the release of her vibrant EP No Pain No Gain. “Tried” is her first release of the year. The singer continues to discover her identity with the new single, which features smoother production, more emotive and passionate lyricism, and ear-worm melodies.

The new track will undoubtedly prick the ears of R&B and Afro listeners, produced by emerging London producers RG & Olando and complemented by bright graphics directed by Lutch Media, with Ashleigh Bankx ready to continue rising through the ranks and growing musically.

The single is gaining popularity on YouTube as we speak. With thousands of views on her music video for “Tried”, Afro-beats starlet Ashleigh Bankx is garnering new and potential fans across the globe.

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