Alesia Lani Gets Funky and Flirtatious in “I Don’t Mind”

With a groovy beat that can only be described as “delicious,” Trailing Twelve Records’ latest song, “I Don’t Mind,” by Austin, Texas-based Neo-Soul and Contemporary R&B singer Alesia Lani, was just published on all major platforms. “I Don’t Mind,” co-written with Tony Donald, producer QB Smith, and the artist, creates a lush soundscape that transports listeners to the funky and rhythmic sounds of the 1970s, while Lani’s flirtatious lyrics dance lively around the confident swagger provided by the strut of the drums, syrupy bass lines, and guitarist Kyle Bolden executing tasteful exchanges between rhythm and lead guitar.

The music video, directed by Seven the Shooter, complements Lani and Smith’s retro sound with a number of 70s-inspired locations and highlights both on-set and behind-the-scenes action as a kind of commentary on how audiences perceive the worlds of entertainment versus reality, and always unique perspective from an artist who consistently occupies both worlds. The gorgeous music video has garnered over 60k views on YouTube alone, only proving that Alesia is surely created a fiery and authentic act who’s created an anthem-worthy number that will have you chanting alongside her, shouting, “I don’t mind.”

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