Hip-Hop’s Next Big Star Is Found: BDX The Don

Young OG BDX The Don Shines in his latest fire single called “Been So Long,” an amazing and delicate composition by the major talent. 

Every music listener has shared this experience, where they play or hear a random song and in an instant, they recognize the true artistic capabilities of the artist and how great of a song it’s going to be. Everyone who hears The Don’s music for the first shares the same and exact feelings that they just stumbled on greatness.

His latest song “Been So Long” starts with a soothing beat preparing for the immaculate voice of the singer. Right off the hook, BDX The Don starts the catchy riff of the chorus and manages to continue the amazing beat after the chorus is over, a skill only the elite of the game possess. Creating songs that just work is about maintaining and elevating catchy tunes and “Been So Long” is an example of such a gem.

It’s always satisfying for us music fans to hop on a hype train that actually pays off and the talent makes it into the biggest stages, that’s why, hopping on BDX The Don’s train is advised for all music lovers. Make sure to give him a follow, catch his music on all streaming services and be sure to check him out when he comes to perform near you!