Downton Abbey: A New Era About To Hit Theatres

film cover photo

Downton Abbey: A New Era, an anticipated sequel to the 2019 Downton Abbey film is about to hit the theatres on April 29! Who is excited? Written by Julian Fellowes and directed by Simon Curtis, the film continues to follow the journey of the Abbey and its proud inhabitants – the Crawleys. This time the story takes on more intrigue as it delves into the past of Lady Violet and her long buried love connection. Maggie Smith is on top of her game as always since whatever she does is impossible not to love! Watch the trailer below!

An early review from Richard Martin, a 1News camera journalist, reads: “Since the film juggles two plots simultaneously and attempts to give both equal screen time, it does feel a bit frantic in places. This does mean though that if you prefer one storyline to the other, you won’t go long without whichever it is that you prefer. As a newcomer myself, I found one is definitely more accessible, while the other likely holds more weight for long-time fans.”