Netflix Will Release Unseen Comedy Special By Legendary Comedian Norm Macdonald

In fall of last year, one of the most iconic comedians in history Norm Macdonald passed away due to a long term battle with cancer. During the ten year suffering, the comic didn’t let anyone in his life know about it. 

This year, the biggest streaming platform Netflix has decided to release an unseen comedy special of Norm that was recorded in his LA apartment during the pandemic. The Canadian comedian was synonymous with his courageous jokes, unique personality and being the funniest guy in any room. The special doesn’t have a release date, but many have already been excited to see their favorite comic back on their monitors.  

Norm Macdonald is known to be the ultimate “Comic’s comic” kind of comedian and his peers have nothing but admiration and respect for his unbelievable craft. With Norm, jokes are truly crafted and become a piece of art when he performs them. A style that can be compared to none, the comedian has such an original voice that it’s impossible not to be gravitated towards and imitated.