Exclusive Interview With Avant-Pop Artist REGALJASON Who Just Dropped His Debut EP MEGAFAUNA

Thrilling new artist REGALJASON just dropped a debut EP called MEGAFAUNA, a six-tracker that will leave the audience captivated. Certainly a unique singer-songwriter, REGALJASON has been working diligently on crafting every single song. He teased the album, releasing “EMPIRE” followed by “ALREADY WON” with stunning visuals and intrigued global audiences with beautiful vocals and meaningful messages. We had the opportunity to interview REGALJASON about his career and art. Enjoy the read!

Congratulations on the release of your debut EP MEGAFAUNA! What a stunning collection! Tell us more about how this project came to life.

Thank you! This project came together very organically inspired by my experiences after moving out at 17 years old to pursue music. I had so much life experience thrown at me moving from Panama to Orlando to Los Angeles and then London and used my writing as an outlet. I rarely ever sit down and just decide to write a song; many times they come to me as I’m running errands or as I’m about to fall asleep and I can’t rest until I let it out. 

Being the creative that you are, you came up with quite the title! Can you tell us what inspired it?

MEGAFAUNA is a word used in terrestrial zoology to describe the large or giant animals of an area, habitat, or geological period, usually referring to those that are extinct. It seemed a fitting title for a project that is essentially a social commentary on the most destructive large mammals of today: humans, and how on our current trajectory, we are bound to go extinct. 

Which of the songs on the EP was the most challenging to compose and why?

Reprise was a challenge for me and my producers Nelson Zavarella and Mark Ariel Barrie as I wanted to include lyrics and melodies from every song on the EP so that it would serve as a reprise of the entire project. Arranging these vocals and piecing them together while working remotely was an experience I’ll never forget. 

As a global citizen who’s lived in five completely different cities, what do you believe unites people across cultures?

Naturally as an artist I would say that music unites people across cultures, but the most powerful force I’ve experienced that unites cultures is love. Though expressed differently across cultures, love is universal. 

You have taken part in the direction process of “ALREADY WON” and “EMPIRE” clips. Who else worked with you? What are some interesting insights you’ve learned through your filmmaking experience?

I reached out to my friend and longtime collaborator Gabriel Inghilterra to help me direct, shoot and edit my music videos but as he is based in New York I also enlisted the help of Jorge Isaac to shoot all the shots of Panama. These were my first ever music videos and I learned that what feels natural is not what always looks best in the end. I also had to develop an unnatural amount of trust in the creatives around me. I achieved this by having them watch countless references so that we could begin to think alike in terms of visual and artistic preferences. 

Where would you say your music is headed? Are there any plans or a direction you’re interested in trying out?

This project tackles heavy themes and has been something I’ve felt I needed to get off my chest to allow me to begin to just have fun with music. I have countless lighter, more danceable, compositions that I now feel I’m finally able to share. That being said, you can still expect anything I release to be dramatic, experimental, and emotive. 

I would love to eventually incorporate more live instruments into my sound as well. I love electronic music because I can create it on my own and from anywhere in the word, but I am beginning to embrace the notion that codependency is a natural pillar of community and shying away from this will only hinder me. I have so much in store and this project is just the tip of the iceberg.

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