Premiere | Steve Edwards Releases New Single Called “Born,” An Instant Classic

Fascinating vocalist Steve Edwards drops a new single titled “Born, an incredibly emotional song that evokes all kinds of feelings. The single, “Born,” is a manifestation of the artist’s inner thoughts and emotions as an observer and social participant. Steve Edwards does a great job in dictating the emotional rollercoaster in the song and the progression perfectly balances it with positive and depressing melodies. 

His commanding voice captivates the listener into not only hearing each of his verses, but to also engage them enough to make it feel like a conversation. A natural born lyricist, the musician induces incredible empathy in his words, transcending the listener to a different reality. Lyrics like, “Maybe we were born to dream, born to dream alone,” shows just how lonesome the world may seem to the individual. However, he keeps emphasizing on the ‘We’ throughout the song, shedding hope on an inevitable collectiveness.

Steve Edwards has been already making headlines with his previous singles like “Fallen” and “Colour of Blood,” which have accumulated hundreds of thousands of plays on multiple streaming platforms. As a soft rock musician, his work can be compared to the likes of Scorpion, Nickelback and Elton John. 

A unique talent, Steve Edwards brings a lot of familiarity and nostalgia with his music. Even though he dabbles into popular genres such as rock, country, and pop, it is the way he goes about writing his music within the confinements of those genres. Like a poet, he’s very efficient with each word, note, and melody, producing the kind of music where the listener is always left wanting more.

The New Zealand-based artist is one of the most talented modern rock creators and a unique gem everyone should appreciate. His authentic style brings out only the positives after each listen, making his music impactful across all demographics. Steve Edwards’ flagship song “Born”, whose name is derived from his soon-to-be-released album Born, is now available to purchase and stream

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