GIMS Best Albums To Date

GIMS Albums To Enjoy

GIMS is a Congolese-French artist, singer-songwriter, and rapper. Throughout his career, GIMS has collaborated with artists such as Pitbull, Lil Wayne, Maluma, Sting, Sia, Stromae, and so on. A man of many talents and certainly a recognized artist with a booming voice, GIMS piques the interest immediately. 

Incredibly productive, he has released eight albums to date, and we’ll discuss his last L’empire de Méroé that encompasses 32 tracks. Perhaps the most famous song off the collection is “Prends ma main,” which translates to “hold my hand” and features gorgeous and talented Vitaa. Anthem of the summer 2021 for entire Europe, however, was “Only You” with Dhurata Dora, a powerfully entrancing song that evidently speaks about romance. 

Subliminal 2013

Subliminal (La face cachée) 2013

Mon coeur avait raison 2015

A contrecoeur 2016

Ceinture noire 2018

Le fléau 2021

Les vestiges du fléau 2021

L’empire de Méroé 2021