Exclusive Interview With Talented Artist Auston Martin

Virginia native Auston Martin sits down with us to share some insights about his art. A unique musician and singer-songwriter who mixes funk, afro-beats, and hip hop with r&b, he has conquered the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans. Let’s see what he has to share with us today!

Tell us more about the exquisite “Up And Down” and the inspiration behind it.

“Up & Down” was born naturally out of my working relationship with my producer. We like to vibe and create as we go. We wanted to make something fun and catchy and the lyrics came to me as I felt the vibes of the beat. I’d been listening to a lot of other artists with island vibes and it spoke to me like Pop Caan and Rema. I appreciate the compliment. 

Where do you get your daily dose of inspiration?

Inspiration can really come to me from anywhere.  Music, movies, random situations that come up in life or stories from friends. 

What do you want listeners to take away from the single?

The main thing is the excitement, energy, and good vibes that I felt when I was making it.  That’s really the goal of all of my music; to pass along that raw emotion and feeling. 

Who are your favorite artists and how did they inspire your creative process?

I don’t have one or just a few favorite artists.  I pull from everything and listen to a lot in Rn’B, Soul, Hip Hop, Alternative Music, and more.  I don’t like just one type for listening or creating which gives me some variation.  

What is the most unnerving/scary aspect of releasing original music?

It’s always hoping that the listener perceives the emotion and vibes that I am putting into it.  It’s not necessarily scary; I’m excited to share what I create. 

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Anywhere in the world.  It would definitely be an event and the chance to reach that many people at one time.  Bonaroo, SXSW, or Coachella are things that come to mind; It’s not really a place, it’s an audience.  

Any upcoming plans this year? What should fans expect?

Yeah, an album.  Currently my producer and I are working on some new tracks and I’m excited to share them when the album is complete.

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