Frank Vanegas Shares Fascinating Details About His Latest Single In An Interview

“What I Need” is quickly rising up the popularity ladder, all thanks to its ingenious creators Frank Vanegas and Melaner. A one of a kind song, “What I Need” is a modern-day love ballad that one cannot help but memorize immediately. Let’s see what Frank Vanegas has to say about it!

Congratulations on the release of your latest track “What I Need”! Such a beautiful piece! Can you tell us about the collaboration with Melaner and how the song came about?

Well, I had heard her music beforehand and we already had mutual connections; but I really want you to know that- it was her intense passion for her craft- that truly shined through this song. We had started laying the groundwork in Williamsburg, NY- and from there, all the pieces instantly fell together. I Laid my verse down, and she came in afterwards and brought the song to life with her catchy melodies.  I instantly knew that we had really created something special.

Tell us a bit about your childhood and adolescence years and how you began singing, performing and writing music.

It’s funny because I had really started performing for my mom and stepdad. Back when we were kids, me and my sisters would host talent shows in our living room in Elmhurst. We would dress up as our favourite musicians and put on a show for our parents. I think it all really started there. But fast forward a bit, and you could find me writing songs back in high school during class- guess it’s the reason I had a lot of catching up to do.

Who is your number one fan/supporter?

Believe it or not it’s not really the people close to you that are your biggest fans. You wouldn’t expect it, but it’s really all the strangers who heard me for the first time and loved my work.  I couldn’t ever single one person out, or label a #1- because there’s so many people that support 🙂 .

How does it feel to be as successful in the music industry as you are?

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself successful – I still have a lot left to achieve, and more music to write; but the progress I’m making makes me feel like I’m getting closer to the success I really want. It makes me more than happy to keep on doing it. The reward is the creation.

What is your one piece of advice to someone who is just starting out as a singer-songwriter? 

My advice would be to be consistent. Be consistent in your craft, in your production- in your passion. And it’s not only being a good musician- but being a good salesman as well. Learn how to market yourself and your talents. Keep educating yourself- to keep refining and honing a good skill set. Just really learn how to market, it’s important.

Any exciting plans in terms of new releases that you can share with the fans?

I do have another beat from the same producer who made this song- Skirmisher beats- that I’m looking to get a feature on. My producer Ibraheem, also came back from Sweden- so we have a lot of work to do. Trust me- I’m really excited for this song, and the future of my music- so definitely stay tuned! And hey, with the success of this song- maybe me and Melaner can come back with another one! 

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