Larry David Has Confirmed Additional Season Renewal For Beloved Series Curb Your Enthusiasm

Comedian Larry David has relieved most fans by announcing the 12th season of his incredible satirical show Curb Your Enthusiasm

A hilarious show, Curb revolves around David’s alter ego as a protagonist and his day to day life interactions. The groundbreaking comedian, writer and actor has changed comedy with two of the most beloved shows, Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. As a co-creator of one of the most watched television serieses, Larry David has created quite the reputation for himself as being one of the best comedic minds of his generation.

The unconventional show offers a different perspective for us, tackling social interactions and breaking down written and unwritten rules about acceptable behavior, and the judge is none other than Larry himself. Dating back to 2000, the debut was an instant success and encouraged Larry to write and star in his own show for the first time in his professional career.

As a young stand-up comedian, Larry David was more of a beloved character amongst his peers rather than the audience, and that’s when he met his future co-creator of his first mega hit show, Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry was already a well-established comic when the two met and when he was offered a network show at NBC, he had one name in mind which was Larry David.