Jim Carrey and “Squid Game” Actress HoYeon Jung Star In The Weekend’s Latest Video

The Weekend dropped his latest song and music video “Out of Time”. “Squid Game” actress HoYeon Jung and Jim Carrey are in this video y’all! This is what iHeart writer Kelly Fisher had to say about it:

“Jung and The Weeknd meet up for a drink and a karaoke party in a hotel, singing his latest song: “And I remember when I held you/ You begged me with your drowning eyes to stay/ And I regret I didn’t tell you/ Now I can’t keep you from loving him, you made up your mind… The video shifts at the end when actor Jim Carrey’s voice narrates: ‘Don’t you dare touch that dial, because like the song says, you are out of time. You’re almost there, but don’t panic. There’s still more music to come before you’re completely engulfed in the blissful embrace of that little light you see in the distance. Soon you’ll be headed, forgiven, and refreshed. Free from all trauma, pain, guilt, and shame.”