Master of Country Chris Stapleton Performs on The GRAMMY Stage

Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton Performs At The 64th GRAMMY

Award-winning country artist Chris Stapleton sings “Cold” on the GRAMMY stage. 64th annual GRAMMY Awards held on April 3 marked Chris Stapleton’s soulful performance. iHeart reports that, “Stapleton took home the Country Album of the Year award for Starting Over, including a shout-out to his twins on their fourth birthday.”

“I’m thinking a lot about sacrifices, ’cause I missed out on some of their birthdays today,” Stapleton said, noting that others in the room have made some heart-aching sacrifices for their careers. Still, “hopefully we’re all doing it so we make the world a better place, and the people that live in it will love each other and have a good time together and come together,” the singer said.